Humanities and Human Relationship: Political Sciences, Anthropology, Geography, Social Work, Human development and management, Human Development and Information Technology

Social Sciences: Environmental Studies, Anthropology, Area studies, Business studies, Civics, Communication studies, Criminology, Demography, Development studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Industrial relations, Information science, Law, Library science, Linguistics, Media studies, Political science, Psychology, Public administration, Sociology, Social work, Sustainable Development.

Business: International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Sustainability, Ethics.

Entrepreneurship: Social entrepreneurship, Sustainable entrepreneurship, New Enterprise Development, Corporate entrepreneurship, Small business, Innovation, Incubators, Woman entrepreneur, Agropreneur, Technopreneurship.

Management and Development: Knowledge Management, Operation Management, Human Resource Management, Modern Workplace, Strategic Management, Critical Management Studies, Management Information System, Resources Management.

Accounting: Accounting Information System, Accounting System Analysis and Design, Analysis and Use of Financial Statements, Audit and Assurance, Costing for Specialized Industries, E-Commerce in Accounting, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Forensic Accounting, International Accounting, Issues in Management Accounting, Management Accounting, Risk Management and Corporate Governance, Selected Issues in Financial Accounting, Taxation.

Finance: Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Financial Market, Institutions Financial Modelling, Financial Risk Management, Financial Theory, International Finance, Investment Analysis, Islamic Financial Management, Islamic Investment, Islamic Philosophy on Business, Finance Marketing of Financial Services, Personal Finance, Public Finance Regulation in Islamic Finance, Banking Risk Management, Venture Capital

Education: Application of Psychology in Teaching, Basic Educational Research, Computer and Multimedia in Education, Creativity in Management for Effective School, Educational Management and Administration, Educational Sociology, Evaluation in Education, Financial and Physical Management in Education, Human Resource Development in Education, Leadership in Education, Legal Aspect in Educational Management, Organizational Behaviour in Education, Pedagogical Theories and Practices, Philosophy and Education in Malaysia, Quality Management in Education, School Management and Supervision, Strategic Management in Education.

Psychology and Counselling: Abnormal Psychology, Child and Family Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Ethics and Acts of Counsellor, Health Psychology, Human Learning, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Learning and Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Testing, Psychology, Research in Counselling, Research in Social Science, Social Psychology, Youth and Community Development.

Language: Linguistics, Malay Letters, English Language, Malay Language, Foreign Language, Malay Literature, English Literature, Literacy Studies, Semantics, Grammar, Morphology, Syntax, Word Classes, Typology, Contemporary Linguistics, Languages and Dialect, Language Endangerment, Writing and Literacy. 

TourismBusiness, Consumer Behavior in Tourism, Development of Destination Tourism Planning Strategy, Impact Studies, Social Cultural, Sport & Recreation Management, Tourism Economics, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Planning & Development, Tourism Resource Appraisal, Tour Operation Management, Tourism and Hospitality Research, Tourism Transportation, Tourism planning and development, Sport Tourism.

Hospitality and Wellness: Business Law and Ethics in Event, Contemporary Issues in Event Management, Customer Satisfaction, Event Administration and Coordination, Event Management, Event Marketing, Event Operation and Logistics, Event Risk Management, Food Nutrition, Heritage Resource Management, Hospitality Entrepreneurial Development, Hospitality Strategic Management, Hotel Administration, Hotel Operation Management, Human Resource, Interpersonal Skill, MICE Management, Recreation Management, Restaurant Management, Service Management, Sociological Aspects of Event Management.

Environment Management: Environmental Policy And Legislation, Sustainable Development, Environmental Planning, Natural Resource Planning And Management, Environmental And Strategic Impact Assessment, Environmental Management, Environmental Economics, Valuation And Natural Resource Accounting, Regulatory And Market-Based Instruments For Environmental Management.

Heritage: Museums, Art galleries, Heritage management, Cultural heritage, Human relationships, History

Islamic: Fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic economy, Islamic management, Islamic law, Syariah law, Islamic and work ethics management, Islamic entrepreneurship, Islamic Psychology Management, Leadership and Da'wah, Aqedah and Philisophy, Issues in Islamic Economics, Issues in Islamic Sosial, Qur’an and Sunnah Studies, Usul al-Din & Comparative Religion

Muamalat: Islamic Business, Islamic Economics, Islamic Management & Administration, Islamic Marketing, Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Islamic Accounting & Corporate Governance, Shariah Auditing, Islamic Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise, Islamic Social Finance (zakat, waqf, infaq, philantrrophy and etc.) and ICT.

Da’wah: Political Communication, Islamic Communication, Islamic Broadcasting Communication, Communication between Religion and Culture, Journalism, Da’wah Management, Social Welfare, Islamic Counseling Guidance, Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic Studies, Technology and Sciences.

Creative Industry: Advertising and Marketing, Architecture, Art, Crafts, Design (product, graphic and fashion design), Film, TV, Video, Radio, and Photography, IT, Software and Computer Services, Publishing, Museums, Galleries and Libraries, Music, Performing, and Visual Arts, Toys and Games, and Video Games.

Art, Design, Creative, GalleriesCreative Art, Fine Art, Visual Art, Art and culture, Creative photomedia, Ceramic, Textiles, Art History, Media Art, Metal Art, Advertising Design, Virtual Reality, Animation, Video, Audio, Images

Technology and Technology Management: Competitiveness and cooperation, Knowledge assets, Globalisation, business/government relations, Productivity, efficiency, quality, Sourcing, technology transfer/licensing, Strategic planning, technology management/policies, R&D and design management, Multinational corporations, innovation, new technology, IT, Management of production systems, factory and office automation, R&D/manufacturing/marketing and after-market interface, International technology management policy and strategy, Legal aspects and financial considerations, Investment patterns and opportunities, Technology monitoring, audit, evaluation, Technology relations/trends, esp. in Far East, South Pacific, emerging markets.

Information System: Information Systems, Computer- Aided Systems Engineering, Computers, Information Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Information System Research.

Multimedia: Media Communication, Creative Industries, Commercial, Advertising design, Virtual reality, Animation, Video, Text, Audio, Images, Creative Multimedia.

Communication: Communication, Communication Theory, Communication in the organization, Information Communication Technology and Society, Media Technology, Fundamental of Multimedia, Research Method in Communication, Human Communication, Media and Society, Intercultural Communication, Public Relations, Communication Law, Leadership Communication, Strategic Communication Management, Audit in Communication, Corporate Communication.

LawLegal Method, The Malaysian Legal System, Islamic Law, Law of Contract, Malaysian Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Land Law, Family Law, Company Law, International Law, Banking law, Conflict of laws, Employment law, Environmental law, Gender and law, Industrial relations law, Insurance law, Intellectual property law, International Human Rights and Humanitarian law, Islamic criminal law, Islamic laws of evidence, Media law Remedies, Laws of Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure.

GovernmentAccessibility and usability of e-government Web sites, Administrative reform through e-government, Assessment of e-government projects, Avoidance of technology pitfalls in e-government development, Building government-to-government enterprises, Digital government, E-government and digital divide, E-government databases, Evaluation of public sector information systems, Future directions of electronic government, Governance and electronic democracy, Identity management, data protection, and citizens’ privacy, Implementing e-government systems in transition economics, Innovative applications and best practices in e-government, agency information sharing in e-government and shared services, International integration/collaboration of e-government, IT management issues in e-government, Local e-government implementation and diffusion, Organizational and human factors influencing e-government adoption and diffusion, Strategic management of e-government, Technology adoption and diffusion in the public sector, Theories, conceptual models, and frameworks for public sector information systems, Transformation government.

Politics: Political Sciences, Political Analysis, Comparative Politics, Politics Economy, International Relation, Political Theory, Public Administration, Public Policy, Political Methodology, Economics, Law, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Geography, Psychology/Psychiatry and Anthropology, Global Politics, Political Corruption.